02 maj 2014

New Pattern: Blue is For Science mittens!

... or Spock Quote Mittens Mark 2, as I also like to call them.

I've been working on this design since the beginning of this year, and even finished test knitting Mark 1 before I decided I wasn't 100 % happy with the layout. Back to the drawing board I went, and now I am finally happy to announce the arrival of a pattern I absolutely love!

The Blue is For Science mitten pattern can be bought through Ravelry (here) and is meant to be part of a Star Trek pattern set of six.

Already on the test knitting needles are another blue pair (Blue is For Medical with a McCoy quote), and in my mind awaits two yellow pairs (Gold is For Command with quotes from Kirk and Chekov) and two red pairs (Red is For Engineering and Red is For Security with quotes from Scotty and Uhura). So keep a look out for more Star Trek right here!

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