31 december 2013

If at first you don´t succeed...

I am currently over the moon in love with my latest design, the Firefly inspired #BetrayalMittens. But that has not always been the case. I've struggled with every little bit of the process so far, but now I finally feel the pieces all falling into place.

It all started when I, as the last sci-fi lover in the 'verse, binge watched Firefly over a couple of days. Of course I fell madly in love and knew right away I had to make a mitten pattern.

Said and done, I took my idea and sat down in front of the computer. A few hours later I had... nothing. It just didn't click. At all.

A few days later I gave it another try and came up with a design I kind of liked. I went out and bought the yarn and cozied up on the sofa to start test knitting. I took one look at the pattern and it just felt totally wrong. Sigh!

So back to the drawing pad I went and changed the design and colouring. Bought some new yarn and put the whole project on the shelf for a while. I was already sick of it and I hadn't even knitted a stitch.

But skam den som ger sig, as we say in Sweden (it means something like "shame on he who gives up"). During Christmas I started the test knitting. And of course the size was way off on the lined cuff. And of course the base colour and the green didn't work together. I stuffed the knitting back on the shelf and considered never knitting another stitch in my life.

But that was never going to happen. Obviously. After a day or to I frogged the cuff, found some more fitting yarn from my stash and started knitting with different numbers and colours. This time it felt pretty good. I kind of liked it a little!

Now, after tweaking the design some more, I am convinced this is a new favourite. I just hope the feeling lasts all the way to cast off.